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Random thoughts on the first day of Shillington:

"Cool, a lot of Asians. I feel right at home!"

"Huh, it's only a room on the 9th floor of a building."

"19 girls in a class of 22? Let the hunger games begin."

"Wait, this course is way too basic for me."

"Where's the school cafeteria?"

"Why are we making volcanoes out of cotton balls and toilet paper? Is this pre-school?"

"Do I have to like all these people?"



Random thoughts on the last day of Shillington:

"I can't believe I ran with that 'I'm Asian' joke for 3 months."

"I'm really going to miss that corner couch seat."

"Welcome to your tape, Belle."

"That wasn't as easy as I thought it would be."

"I really hope someone wants to go to Rice Workshop today."

"When are we going to make volcanoes out of cotton balls and toilet paper again!"

"I kinda like all these people."