Metro Manila Film Festival 2016

The Client: Metro Manila Film Festival 2016

This was an unused study for a new logo for the now controversial Metro Manila Film Festival 2016 (MMFF). My former Creative Director, Miguel Mari, was asked to make a logo for the film festival and its new tagline Maraming Magandang Filipino Films. He approached me to do some studies alongside him and these were what we came up with.

The first option which I like more made use of the M and F to form the shape of a sideways camera. The second one just used Avant Garde which was clean and simple but could make a pattern that felt very tribal and Filipino.

The clincher to all this was that we misunderstood the brief! They just really wanted a font for the tagline! They told us that it would be used the following year but then the system went back to its old ways and the people we were in touch with were let go. Fuck.

MMFF logo drafts.jpg
MMFF logo drafts2.jpg
MMFF logo drafts3.jpg